Walk with avatar Thunder Insippo into VSTE's Second Life space. See what happens on the road to VSTE Island and how it helps with real life teaching and learning.

Six steps to becoming comfortable teaching, learning, and networking in Second Life, the pathway to other virtual worlds.
Video 1 Intro Thunder UVA Wise
Spending time inworld
Attending Meetings
  • Join groups: VSTE secondlife:///app/group/ad9dc928-e69f-2aa6-f7fa-7361217a31fb/about
    ISTE, Virtual Pioneers, ISTE Tour Group
  • Read the notices as they come
  • Read past notices, some may still be current. Some notices are for other groups. We cross post things we think will be interesting to other groups.
  • Sit in on some meetings
  • Science Friday

  • Start by talking to people you see at meetings (IM)
  • When you become comfortable in meetings start adding to the chat
  • When you become comfortable try using VOICE
  • Friend some people
  • Say Hi whenever you notice a "friend" online
  • Use your profile and the NOTES page of others' profiles
  • Set up informal meetings with friends that have common interests

  • The ISTE Tour group is the best place to start.
  • Check out the Landmarks at ISTE and follow some of them.
  • Join Expedition Central
  • Try the Destination Guide for tour ideas
  • Search for blogs with Second Life landmarks

Taking free classes
  • Monthly make and take workshops at VSTE meetings
  • Caledon
  • Building Classes

Getting involved
  • Offer to present at VSTE meetings (mobile apps, web tools, application training, resources for teachers and students)
  • Offer to lead a VSTE tour
  • Start a small group meeting on a topic of your choice at VSTE
  • Start a group discussing a book you are reading

Real Life Teaching and Learning Applications