Connecting with Others!

Getting Settled and Connected
Come aboard and learn how to create a personal learning network in Second Life. Develop a Profile in Second Life that shows your best professional side. Discover favorite places to explore. Walk away with great things to do for fun.

Build Your Profile

How to fill in your Profile YouTube video

Information about you is shared with other users in your Second Life profile. This same information is available by using the Search feature in Second Life. This information includes your avatar's name, the date your account was established, whether or not you are currently online, group and partner information.

You may choose to share personal information in Second Life online forums, through your Second Life profile, or directly to other users in chat. Please be aware that such information is then public information. As with any type of social networking online tool be aware of what you are sharing and project the best of your avatar.

How do I view a profile? Just right click someone to bring up the radial menu and choose Profile. If you would like to edit your profile, right click on your avatar to bring up the radial menu and choose Edit Profile.

Building Your Second Life Profile Traveling Avatar- Quick and Dirty Tips For a Better Second Life
How to Set Profile Pictures Make your profile picture right the first time! After all, using a editor and uploading an image costs $10 Lindens.

Alfredo Bedrosian's Profile

Above is a screen capture of Alfredo Bedrosian's profile. There are 7 tabs in a users profile, and each tab is useful because it tells you about the avatar. The 2nd life tab tells about when the avatar first rezzed (was born into second life), if they have a second life partner, what groups they belong to, and a little info that the user wishes to share (limited to 500 characters.

Educational Uses of Second Life YouTube video

Educational Resources

ISTE Island HQ (SLURL)- The Second Life home of the International Society for Technology in Education. Visit us online at The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the trusted source for professional development, knowledge generation, advocacy, and leadership for innovation. A nonprofit membership organization, ISTE provides leadership and service to improve teaching, learning, and school leadership by advancing the effective use of technology in PK–12 and teacher education.
ISTE Second Life Events: ISTE Second Life

The Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) promotes excellence in education through professional development endeavors supporting the integration of existing and emerging technologies.VSTE was founded in 1986 as the Virginia Educational Computing Association and is Virginia's affiliate of ISTE.

Virtual Pioneers
Mission Statement: This group is dedicated to collaborating and learning about Social Studies using Second Life. We are open to all opinions, and ideas that will help us become better teachers and stewards for history.We try to meet every other Sunday and have our members take us on a tour of history/social studies landmarks. We will also be having discussions about Social Studies related topics. Please join us, we want and need suggestions and ideas to take this group further.

Virtual Pioneers is a Ning site that is dedicated to teachers exploring the potential of using MUVEs for teaching and learning about Social Studies.

SL Register of Historic Places -

Science-Related Places in Second Life- Link to a wiki maintained by the Science Center Group. The list of science related places to visit in second life is fantastic!

The Discovery Educator Network
Connecting teachers to their most valuable resource…each other! The Discovery Educator Network is a global community of educators who are excited by the power of digital media and want to collaborate and share resources with other educators.
The Discovery Educator Network SL site is a place for educators to share ideas, as they connect with other educators from all over the world.

The Teacher Networking Center
The Teacher Networking Center is a place for educators to meet, share, collaborate and work together. Meetings will be scheduled where educators of subject area and grade levels can get together in order to discuss real life issues in education.

Cafe 101: Teacher's Lounge
We are educators and presenters on the Grid who enjoy good conversation and good friends. We hang at "CAFE 101" @ v.TSTC.
Coffee house, and freebies for teachers. Chat, meet, coffee, open mic, music and teacher resource freebies on the second floor.

The Ivory Tower of Primitives
The Ivory tower is a self guided building tutorial for Second Life. If you want to learn to build you can do it all by yourself- with some help from the Library!

Okapi Island
Team OKAPI and Berkeley archaeologists mirror the prehistoric village, museum and archaeology in action at Catalhoyuk, Turkey.

International Spaceflight Museum, Spaceport Alpha

Sistine Chapel Re-Creation, Vassar
The re-creation of the interior of the Sistine Chapel is one of my favorite places to visit. The paintings up close are wonderful to see and in Second Life I can get a close up by Flying!

Favorite Fun Places to Visit

Come visit Africa! See the wildlife in their natural habitiat. Bring a friend and take a balloon on tour around the island!

United Federation Starfleet, Starfleet
Experience life as a Starfleet Officer....Fully Immersive Star Trek Role Play....All major Sci Fi vendors in the galaxy are available on sim. Friendly atmosphere, loads of events. Starfleet as it should be. Home to all Star Trek fans.

Sci Fi Geeks Museum & Theater
The home of sci fi in SL. Full size starships, interactive holodeck, movies, events, fan art, and more!

Water Slide
Try out a fun water slide! Bring some friends and have a blast!

SL Botanical Gardens
A collaborative garden and nature park. Come explore, relax, meditate, hang out with friends or just soothe your weary soul.

USS Enterprise
Nice recreation of the Bridge of the USS Enterprise.

YadNi s Junkyard
YadNi s Junkyard is a place where you can find all kinds of free things. Best of all there is a sandbox in the sim so you can try out your new find. Clothing, Avatar, Objects, Textures, Animations, Scripts, Vehicles, and Buildings.

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Showing all your favorite episodes of MST3K on-demand! Science Fiction and horror movies with funny commentary!

Inspire Space Park
Meditate in a cosmic orbit. Hug the universe in Shinda sim!

The Second Louvre Museum
Come visit The Second Louvre Museum of Second Life Art. Enjoy the art!
Warning- there is some nudity and this is not a re-creation of the original Louvre and its artwork.