Navigating the Grid - As A New Kid on the Streets!

Second Life can be a confusing grid to wander. Learn about all the special opportunities awaiting you. Discover where to go for help, places for free clothes, hair, shoes, and objects. Plus learn about groups that ALL educators should join.

Where to Go for Help:

  • Second Life Help - Offers three areas to search for information: The Knowledge Base, SL Answers, and SL Video Library. In order to use the videos, you must be a Second Life member. Has up to date info about the viewer.
  • Second Life Blog - Includes Featured News, Tips & Tricks and more, including information about the newest viewer which was launched Nov. 8, 2011
  • Second Life Quick Start Basics -This online guide will help by explaining how to complete some of the most common tasks you'll need to get the most out of your Second Life experience. You might find it helpful to print some of the pages from this guide for reference as you explore the world. (* This guide was written for Viewer 2.0. However the latest install download of the Second Life viewer is 3.2.1. )
  • Second Life Wiki -A wiki built on the collaboration between Linden Lab and Second Life Residents to provide help and information about Second Life.

VSTE Island Virtual home of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education. Make sure you join our group.

The Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) whose vision is to be an influence in technological innovation in education and be recognized as an agent of change across the Commonwealth, recognizes that VSTE Island in Second Life will be an influence in technological innovation in education. VSTE Island in Second Life is dedicated to promoting excellence in education through professional development endeavors for its membership base and the wider educator community in a multi-user virtual environment

ISTE Island

Virtual home of the International Society for Technology in Education.
**ISTE Island HQ**- Second Life URL (SLURL) ISTE Island HQ is one place you'll want to visit over and over. Not only to they offer great tips and help for new avatars, they also have postings of the many events ISTE provides each month. Be sure to check out the items listed below:
  • Welcome Desk- Notecard and landmark, Survey, Docent schedule, Links to web resources, Volunteer application, Message Board
  • Resource Room- Landmarks to featured destinations; Avatar help: free Jack or Jill kits, T-Shirts, gestures, various tools, etc.; Info Area with notecards
  • Outside HQ- ISTE Island Teleport Board, notice of upcoming event, community code of conduct, and calendar of events
  • Other areas of interest on the island - campfires, treehouses, bandshell, broadcast station, auditorium, bloggers hut, and more...

**Virtual Ability Island**

  • Home of the award winning Virtual Ability, Inc. orientation, training and information facilities for people with disabilities and chronic illness. The island was developed through a partnership between The Alliance Library System and Virtual Ability, You will find an excellent tour that helps you learn the basics of navigating your avatar through Second Life.

Info Island

  • Community Virtual Library reference and help desk. Library and Librarians. Questions and answers. Networking and help. Live staff. Service for new and experienced.

Recommended Groups to Join:

VSTE (Virginia Society for Technology in Education)
ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)
SLed List Serve (Second Life Educational List Serve)
Expedition Central - An Explorers Club is an explorers club dedicated to seeking out cool new sims and sharing them with like-minded individuals. Everybody is welcome --no exceptions. There is an Expedition Central group, a clubhouse and a blog. Join the group to receive weekly (sorta') sim reviews. The clubhouse has an organized listing of various sims to explore.
Virtual Pioneers- A group of educators committed to using collaboration through virtual worlds to enhance their pedagogy.
EdTech Island - EDTECH island is a free resource for teachers in virtual worlds. Boise State University.
Cafe 101 - Texas State Technical College in SL! They have a wonderful coffee shop when you can meet and chat with other educators. They also have a great freebie store on the second level.
Sim Teach - Information and Community for Teachers in Multi-User Virtual Environments. is a place for university instructional designers, faculty and administrators to find information and to share their own experiences designing, teaching and administering classes in immersive environments.

Where to Go For FREE Clothes, Hair, etc.

Free Dove Style Clothing Boutique, 6 yrs of service to SL.... All of the best freebies with established "Top" designers of SL, come get stylish clothes for free.... They offer Clothes, Accessories, skins, shapes, AO's, fantasy costumes, shoes, hair, jewerly, newbies, fashions
YadNi's Junkyard Hundreds of items. May take awhile to come in.